Up-Coming Events

‚ÄčStarted a two new home weekly Bible studies:

Tuesdays at 6pm (Spanish) - The Gospel of John

Thursday at 6:30p (English) - Study Revelation

Call 928-266-5038 for info and Location.

About Sunnyside Baptist Church

Our Philosophy

We believe that true ministry happens outside the box (church building).  What happens on Sunday is for preparing us to engage our world with a Christ centered life.

Who We Are

You're welcome to join our Southern Baptist Christian community at any time. We believe in being the church and not just going to church.  It is of utmost importance to treat each other as brothers and sisters in God's family as we grow and apply the Word of God in our lives.

flagstaff,  Arizona

Our Vision for 2018

We are concentrating this 2018 on being the salt and the light of the Earth.  That we would endure in loving service to God before the return of the Lord.